Accounting Integration

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Built for QuickBooks, but plays well with most Accounting Programs.

If you or your accountants use QuickBooks awesome!  We’re build for QuickBooks.  But if you are using another financial application there’s no need to change that! Contact us to learn how we can help.  BizSlate seamlessly keeps financial data current so you and your finance team can keep tabs on the bottom line. No change. No disruption to your business. BizSlate adds powerful functionality to your business without ripping out your core financial application.


  • Convert QuickBooks into a solution with the same power and efficiency and the systems designed for your larger competitors, without the cost and complexity.
  • Real-time integration with QuickBooks Online frees you of operational barriers as your business grows and you need more capability.
  • Our implementation team helps you easily establish a handshake connection with QuickBooks Online. We import all of your data (e.g. chart of accounts, terms, customers, invoices). As you run your business with BizSlate, the application posts journal entries back to QuickBooks QBO so you and your accountants can print financial statements and do your banking.
  • Manage invoices, reconcile payments, and track accounts receivable balances and aging all from within BizSlate for the best in operational efficiency!


Integrate with QuickBooks for Financial Reporting

Integrate with QuickBooks for Financial Reporting