Ecommerce Integration

Building your business with online sales is a great growth strategy but it is critical to have the right systems in place to manage all those new customers and increased order volumes. You can’t get stuck manually entering orders and new customer information into your backend systems. Just as important, you need to be able to accurately manage your inventory across all your sales channels. BizSlate seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce shopping cart, improving accuracy and efficiency, providing a single comprehensive view of your business,and ensuring you can satisfy your customers’ needs in any sales channel.




  • BizSlate provides true Omni-Channel capability by enabling you to effectively manage a single instance of inventory across your ecommerce and all other sales channels for the most accurate real-time account of what is on hand and available at all times.Seamlessly integrate with the best known e-commerce applications on the market.
  • Real-time products and inventory sync.
  • Sync orders and customers across all channels.