BizSlate Allocation™

Right product. Right place. Right time.

When there’s not enough inventory to go around, BizSlate Allocation allows you to decide which products go to which customers so your business always runs efficiently.


Keep your inventory in the “Green Zone”Screenshot-allocation-2-Macbook-Air

You do your best to make sure you always have available inventory to ship your customers on time. You implement best practices, incorporate low inventory alerts, and use forecastable availability to make sure you can deliver on customers promises.

Limit your “Red Zone”

But let’s face it. Things beyond your control do go wrong. Inventory gets damaged. Miscounts or theft occur. Containers get stuck in customs. Too often you find yourself unable to ship to customers as promised causing you to enter what BizSlate calls the “Red Zone”.

Allocate inventory based on your priorities

BizSlate Allocation is innovative, simple to use, and it’s built into our core solution. It’s the most sophisticated allocation available from any SMB Inventory Management solution. BizSlate Allocation helps you prioritize your inventory with a few clicks, increase customer satisfaction, simplify the fulfillment process and solve shortage issues.


  • Customer – account or rating
  • Ship Condition – backorder, ship complete, fill/kill
  • Date – order, start or cancel
  • Quantity – partial, full or move to backorder

Keep your blood pressure down and your inventory in the Green Zone!


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