Inventory Management

Cloud-based Inventory Management for Small Business

A successful business starts with proper management of products and inventory. BizSlate ensures accuracy in inventory by managing products the way you use them (e.g. open stock, pre-pack, master pack) with references between the various product types, coupled with managing single instances of products with unlimited identifiers.


  • Reduce excess cost and waste, as well as problems surrounding overstock and stock-out (out-of-stock) that could lead to lost sales and customers.
  • Real-time predictable Open to Sell (OTS). Just change the date and OTS instantly recalculates so you can promise delivery to customers accurately and on-time with 100% confidence.
  • Know exactly what inventory you have available whether in the office, at a trade show, or across the globe, with the click of a button, via any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Have clarity to case pack and open stock inventory including UPC/SKU, measurements/dimensions, images and availability.
  • Receive entire containers at a time (including multiple purchase orders on a single receiving document), track historical receiving ledgers, providing accurate inventory costing and value via FIFO, LIFO, and weighted average costing methods.