Order Management

Cloud-based Order Management Software for Small Business

“Small businesses are the future of this new world. And as they grow, they will need services like BizSlate.”

Alex Williams

Author, Tech Crunch

The heartbeat of your business, order processing and maintaining the relationship between your suppliers, production, and customers is paramount. BizSlate gives you the newest, most efficient order management capabilities on the market. Always know who, what, and when.


  • Grow sales by empowering salespeople to view real-time available inventory and enter orders directly into BizSlate from anywhere, anytime, even on the floor of a trade show via laptop or tablet.
  • Improve flow tracking between customer purchase orders, sales orders, and vendor purchase orders with the most efficient order management tools on the market.
  • Easily manage order status for quick segmenting and approvals. See real-time open to sell on the fly during order entry.
  • Balance the simplicity of orders for your smaller customers’ shops and boutiques with all the data and complexity typically associated with large EDI trading relationships using our unique tools.
  • Update just about any field on hundreds of orders at a time via our proprietary multi-edit screens, in seconds with unmatched ease and accuracy.
  • Auto-generate vendor purchase orders for managing ‘made to order’ scenarios.