Whether your business is a wholesaler or manufacturer, or in a product related industry such as fashion, consumer goods, housewares, and food, time is money, margins are challenged, and keeping customers happy is critical. That means you need the most efficient business processes and the ability to keep your supply chain costs as low as possible. You must also have perfect control of your inventory and the means to fill orders quickly and accurately, all while keeping customers informed of status every step of the way. The trouble is your competitors are chasing your customers too. If you’re a small, growing company, you are probably up against some pretty tough, much bigger competition with ample systems and employees. To succeed you need to be lean while remaining nimble and responsive.

BizSlate gives you those tools.

Seamlessly integrating with financial packages such as QuickBooks as well as omni-channel tools such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and shopping cart systems, BizSlate combines real-time order management, inventory management, procurement and supply chain management functions into a single, powerful cloud-based solution.

You’ll rest easy knowing that along with the power of BizSlate you will have the security of US-based free, lifetime telephone support! Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and keep you at peak productivity.

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