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Tools that increase profitability

Tools that increase profitability

Until BizSlate, small business systems, while affordable, were limited to simple tasks and typically caused more manual work-arounds than they were worth. With the only other option being large-scale enterprise software that was outrageously expensive, difficult to learn and maintain, and rigid in its processes, most businesses stayed the course and tried to make their small business financial system, stretch as much as possible by incorporating the use of external spreadsheets and add-ons. But as businesses grow, so do the demands to keep up inclusive of managing the demands of an omni-channel market, multiple packing and pricing options per customer, and multiple identifiers (e.g. UPCs, GTINs) per product. Not having adequate software will negatively impact the proper tracking of sales and profitability, cause wasteful spending on excess inventory, and lead to loss of business by not being able to deliver what customers want when they want it.

But Now There’s BizSlate.

  • Real-time order management, inventory management, procurement and supply chain management functions.
  • Increased visibility into your business, enhanced collaboration among your team, and improved cohesiveness across departments.
  • Real-time, accurate inventory across multiple channels, including predictable open to sell quantity, ensuring you will always ship what is promised, on time.
  • Uniquely identify single instances of products referenced by unlimited identifying codes such as style #, UPC, GTIN, multiple customer SKUs, and multiple vendor part numbers.
  • Manage multiple units of measure as case packs and open stock with unprecedented ease and speed, each with their own identifiers, characteristics, dimensions, images and optionally reference open stock quantities within case packs.
  • Seamlessly integrate with financial packages such as QuickBooks.
  • Easily integrate with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and shopping carts.
  • Access real-time information and enter orders from anywhere, at any time, from any device (e.g. laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • Accurately and efficiently respond to customer updates and shipment consolidation, by updating hundreds of documents in seconds

Rest easy knowing that along with the power of BizSlate you will have the security of US-based free, lifetime telephone support! Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and keep you at peak productivity.

The Result?

Tasks that used to take weeks or days now can take hours or even minutes. Real time visibility into order and inventory status across your entire organization at your desk or on the road. That means nothing can get in your way of profitable growth!

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